Pinterest is one of the most over-looked platforms out there due to its ability to be used as half search-engine and half social media platform, similar to YouTube. A lot of people are hesitant to use Pinterest due to its history of mostly being used to search DIYs, recipes, and one of its biggest user demographics being mums. However, Pinterest is evolving, since 2015 growth in male Pinterest users has increased by 120%, 88% of all Pinterest users purchased a product they pinned, and a further 49% have purchased 5 of more products they pinned!

Below are 5 ways you can make the most of Pinterest for your business.



Key Word Research

Keyword optimisation on Pinterest is more important than ever. Pinterest is advancing as a search-engine and techniques you may have used previously will no longer be sufficient enough, the value of keyword optimisation on Pinterest content goes far beyond the site. Quality Pinterest content and popular pins can improve your organic search rankings in Google as well. Three tips for keyword optimisation are;


  • Quality Keywords

Your keywords need to follow the guidelines of ‘quality, not quantity’. Descriptive keywords are a necessity on Pinterest. Your goal is to accurately represent the pin and help users find what they are looking for, whether it is a men’s bag, DIY or a service you provide.


  • Rich Board Names

Create boards with attractive and appealing names; your Pinterest boards can appear in Google search results, which in turn can boost your organic search traffic.


  • Write Longer Descriptions

Statistics show that longer descriptions on your pins receive a higher number of repins. The goal of the description is to convince the reader to click on the image and visit the link. Write down the keywords and phrases that you want to include and link them together. Although you only get a 500 character limit, descriptions that are around 300 characters get the most repins.



Pinterest Ads

While Pinterest is a social network, users visit the site ready to be inspired and/or find products to purchase. Now that Pinterest has rolled out their ads platform getting your products in front of these users has become a lot easier. Promoted Pinterest pins are just like regular Pins; only you pay to have them seen by more people. The average sale order value for visitors referred by Pinterest is £45.59, getting your pins in front of a bigger audience could increase this value. Ways you could do this are;


  • Engage Targeted Audiences

Pinterest targeting lets you target by location, language, device, and gender; so it is important that you know who you want to target. For your promoted pin campaigns to be successful, you must first understand your target audiences. Research what images your target audience usually likes to repin and what keywords they are searching, this will give your promoted pin more of a chance to get in front of your target audience.


  • Evergreen Pins

To elongate the life of your Promoted Pins, try to make your content evergreen. An evergreen pin does not have a sell-by-date and can continue to get repinned throughout the year. Although all evergreen pins may slow down at some point, they will continue to be engaged and hopefully produce revenue. However, in some cases, you may want to promote pins before and during big holidays, like Christmas and Valentine’s day.


  • Include Calls To Action (CTAs)

A CTA in a Pinterest pin description reportedly increases engagement by 80%. Although Pinterest does not have direct CTA buttons like on Facebook ads, you should still include subtle CTAs in the description; these could be sentences that users will still engage with such as “book your free venue tour today!” or “download your free guide now!”.



Creating Boards For Blogs

When you write a blog post, you need to drive traffic to it for a good return on investment (ROI). Pinterest is the perfect platform for you to promote your blog on, creating a ‘Blog Board’ on your Pinterest account makes it easy for your Followers to find your blog posts, and even Follow your blog Board. If you have lots of posts in different categories or genres, then you could make boards for each of these. Here are some helpful tips to get your board started;


  • Mirroring Your Blog On Pinterest

You have a higher chance of users that are clicking on the link to your blog post reading your article if things like images and titles are the same. Try to make the name of your board or Pinterest account the same as your blog, and the titles of your pins to mimic the post that you are trying to promote.


  • Quoting

Once you have made your board, you will be adding pins. To make users want to click on your blog posts, pick out the most interesting and engaging section and quote it in the description, this will leave the users wanting to read more.


  • Linking

Make sure that your pins link directly to your blog post. Nothing will make a user click off your blog more than the landing page not taking them to where you said it would. Once you have published your pins, re-read through it and test your links.



Community Boards

Group boards work like regular Pinterest boards; the only difference is that, on top of the board creator being able to pin, invited pinners can also share their content. Group boards are an excellent way to bring together ideas; they also reap benefits for your brand and business. But how can your business use group boards?


  • Networking

Group boards are a great place for networking, and there are many ways you can begin. You could create a group board yourself by first researching one of the most engaged topics in your industry, or you can join group boards. Group boards you could join are boards including users working in the same industry as you are to gain ideas, tips, and tricks, or you could participate in a group board full of potential customers and clients.


  • Collaborations

If you are working on a group project with another brand or business, you could use group boards to show the public what you are working on. You don’t have to let anybody other than the people involved in the project join the group board, but you can still let the public view what you’re doing.


  • Planning

Planning also comes under the ‘Networking’ heading. If you are working on a project that you need input for, by either the public or niche markets, you can use group boards. You can collect data, ideas, and designs from people that you have invited to join, using the group board to compare ideas, from flower arrangements to website designs.



Installing Rich Pins On Your Website

A new addition to Pinterest features for business is ‘Rich Pins’; these pins are also known as ‘Super Pins’ and ‘Enhanced Pins’. Compared to the usual pins you see on Pinterest, Rich Pins show viewers a lot more information, thus making them more powerful for your business. Rich Pins highlight additional information which will be displayed underneath the pinned image in your Pinterest feed. This information can include a description of the product or item, price, availability, location and more. But why do you need to use Rich Pins?


  • Free Price Alerts

One of the best reasons to introduce Rich Pins to your business is the free price alert feature that Pinterest offers. With this feature, if you drop the price of your product by more than 10%, Pinterest will send out an automated email about your price drop to the Pinterest users that have pinned your product.


  • Increase In Sales

With the new ‘free price alerts’ feature, more information available to users underneath your pins and the growth of traffic to your pins, logically there should be an increase of sales referred from Pinterest. If you see a lot of engagement with your pins but no sales, check your website and checkout process for any flaws.


  • Automatic Updates

With Rich Pins linked to your products on your website, whenever you change anything on your website, such as the price or product description, your Rich Pins will automatically update with no need for manually changing them!



Whenever your business joins a new social network or platform, it’s crucial to take the time to refine your content strategy. With Pinterest Analytics you can see what Pins and boards get the most likes, comments, and repins. Pinterest is a fast-growing platform with new updates coming out rapidly and will easily accommodate your business with the right research.


Sep, 26, 2016