What you need to do, to succeed in social. This year, next year and every year after that.

This year like all the other years previous has seen a huge development in the way that social media plays a role in businesses. As more and more people use smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, social media will continue to become more important in people’s lives.   But what does that mean for your […] Read more

Jan, 20, 2015


Unnatural Links warning messages received – Signs of a new Penguin update!

Recently there has been a lot of chatter online and in many offline circles that Google were due to release their next Penguin update. It’s been just under 10 months since their last update was rolled out and many people have been speculating that it was on its way. In a recent webmaster hangout we […] Read more

Aug, 22, 2014


The Death of the Facebook Like Gate (and what to do next)

This week saw the news of Facebook putting a stop to people using like Facebook like gates to attract likes to pages. Facebook felt that like gates coerced people into liking a page to receive a reward which in most cases was unrelated to the Facebook page, think Ipads and Iphones.  Here’s their official statement […] Read more

Aug, 12, 2014


Stop Selling Start Story telling

It’s not the 50s anymore, peoples BS radars are so finely tuned they can spot it a mile off. The old school “push marketing” approach just doesn’t have the same impact anymore and like it or not we all have to adapt. It’s no longer good enough to just buy a 30 second TV commercial […] Read more

Jul, 18, 2014


Is Blogging Dead or do your blogs just need promotion?

We have been hearing chatter recently that people are looking to ditch their blogs, as they just aren’t working as well as they used to. Many people have been stating that their readership has fallen off, or comments have dropped or even that their blog traffic has dropped hugely? From our point of view blogging […] Read more

Jun, 13, 2014


Facebook Custom Audiences

Facebook Custom Audiences and What They Mean For You! For the past few years now Facebook ads have become extremely useful for business to generate leads, sales, promote blog posts and build their brand online. The reason being is that Facebook ads give you the ability to be hyper targeted. For instance, let’s say you […] Read more

Feb, 14, 2014


2014: What will the year bring from Google?

The year we have just said a fond farewell to saw many changes and updates come out of the Google sphere; the upcoming year promises little in the way of big changes, more of a honing of the 2013 skills and tactics we saw coming in to play. See 2013 as the year that Google really hit […] Read more

Jan, 04, 2014


Why Building Relationships is Better Than Building Links!

It’s become very clear to all those involved in digital marketing over the past few years that in order to be successful online companies need to look at the bigger picture and play the long game if they want to do well online in 2014 and beyond. In previous years everyone has either been focused […] Read more

Dec, 28, 2013


Digital marketing for 2014 and beyond!

We have been thinking about next year as I’m sure many of you have and we have been pondering what’s next for digital marketing? We have lots of thought’s and predictions so we decided it was best to share them all with you. 2014 and beyond! Search 2013 was the year that Google said enough […] Read more

Dec, 12, 2013


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