It’s become very clear to all those involved in digital marketing over the past few years that in order to be successful online companies need to look at the bigger picture and play the long game if they want to do well online in 2014 and beyond.

In previous years everyone has either been focused on where they appear on the front page of Google for a particular keyword, whether they were investing in adwords or SEO. The thing is that’s just once piece of the puzzle. You wouldn’t expect to walk into a networking meeting and just continually hand your business card to the same person over and over again would you? No and it’s the same with digital marketing.

 Various platforms need to be invested in and nourished. And yes a lot more time is needed these days to achieve good and sustainable results. Long gone are the days of simple title tags and a few directory submissions for a page one result, todays’ online marketing is all about relationships and this goes for all forms of online marketing.

Now we know that relationships are extremely important when building your social media channels, both with fans, followers and improving the relationship with current clients. These relationships are vital if you want to a) grow your following, b) understand what your followers want and need and c) keep your fans and followers coming back.

This also applies to search engine optimisation as obtaining a good quality link that will benefit your site is going to require a good relationship with site owners. For instance let’s say you sell mountain bike accessories before the internet you would have advertised in the local rag, taken out a radio ad, completed a flyer drop, spent thousands on a stand at an exhibition or if you have some real cash shelled out for a TV ad. Now granted you can still do all of that and we are not saying you shouldn’t however there is a better way.

Blogger outreach!

This entails building a relationship with a blog or website owner who works in your niche or a similar one and who would benefit from blogging about one of your accessories. Now let’s say you manage to get over a new all-in-one repair kit that enables you to fix a puncher anywhere in under 5 minutes, something well worth writing about or reviewing. You send your product to this blogger, they test it and write a raving review of the product and how they have been using it for the past month and now couldn’t live without it. They then give you all the credit for sending it to them to review and link back to your site via this blog post.

Now what I forgot to mention was that this blog receives a modest 1,000 unique visitors per week, along with their 3,000 returning visitors per week. They also have an email list of 10,000 subscribers who also receive an email each time a new blog post goes live. Suddenly your website and product is in front of 26,000 people who a) enjoy mountain bike riding, b) have a need for your product and c) trust this bloggers thoughts and opinions. Now not only are your receiving all of their visitors, due to the quality of this link your site gains strength and begins to rank higher for search phrases your site is optimised for, which in turn brings you in more qualified traffic. This compared to the old machine gun approach seems fair more likely to bring in higher quality visitors.

 But wait that’s not all!

This blogger also has 8,000 twitter followers, 9,000 Facebook fans and 3,500 YouTube subscribes too. So you decide to put together a competition for his social media followers to win a bundle of gives worth £200 (far less than an old radio ad would have cost). Now not only do his followers get involved but so will a large amount of their friends and now your online reach has suddenly grown incredibly plus you will receive a great amount of links and social signals which all help to increasing your site traffic. And that’s from making just one relationship.

So make 2014 there year of the relationship and forget links and think about relationships.

We hope you have a great new year.



Dec, 28, 2013