Utilising the audience of an online influencer via Instagram is becoming a large part of influencer marketing. Choosing an influencer that will best represent your brand and message will boost your presence on Instagram to reach a bigger audience. Instagram influencer marketing is a quick and easy way to grow your brand online, within a budget that suits your business’s needs.

Instagram is growing faster than ever and now has 800 million active monthly users, which is rapidly increasing every month. It is important for businesses of any size to utilise this growing platform to benefit their brand.

Not only can you grow your following and engagement on Instagram, but you can also drive sales to your website or app. Instagram is the best performing social platform for social action with a social action rate of 3.21%, beating Facebook and Twitter, but with Instagram’s new algorithm limiting the reach for some businesses, Instagram influencer marketing is a fantastic way to combat this.

What Is an Instagram Influencer?

With Instagram’s growing popularity, new online celebrities are being created. These celebrities, or influencers, may already have large followings elsewhere on Facebook and Twitter. However, Instagram gives them an authority they didn’t have elsewhere and gives businesses chance to gain traction on this expanding platform.
Instagram Influencers are present in nearly every niche, so whatever your campaign goals are, it is achievable. But who are these influencers?


Celebrities are some of the biggest influencers on Instagram, due to their large fan bases and engagement rates. However, using these can come at a large cost to your business, and you may not replenish the cost from doing so. Taking this into account, celebrity product reviews and endorsements could take your brand to the next level and achieve ‘celebrity status’ if you have the budget to do so.

Although not strictly Instagram, YouTubers still have a loyal fanbase on their Instagram account which you can utilise. YouTube is another platform that has been gaining traction and has been in the news frequently; this is due to the new way people are finding content and engaging with the media produced.
YouTubers have an authority that no other influencers have. By creating quality video content for their channels, they can produce a polished outcome for your brand that is targeted to their audiences that will encourage engagement. Their loyal fan base will follow them on most of their social platforms, which you can use in your favour to remind the viewers of your brand and create more awareness surrounding it.
One of the more popular ways businesses are using YouTubers is through affiliate schemes which can be spread over their Instagram and YouTube profiles. This can help drive traffic to your website, but also encourages the YouTuber to post more about it as they will also gain. You will also have informative video content to use in the future with the authorisation from the YouTuber.
Pros of Influencers
– Has authority within their niche market which they can use to promote content and brands.
– They can drive engagement consistently to their posts and will know how the platform can benefit the brand.
– The influencer will have a good understanding of their audience & marketplace, and what will drive the most traffic and engagement.

How can you work with influencers?

Working with influencers


There are many ways you can work with an Instagram influencer, but it all depends on what you want for your brand and what the goal of the campaign is.
Have Them Expose Your Product to Their Audience

You can get the influencers to expose your product to their audience. This can be a product review, product placement, or even by going ‘live’ on Instagram. The influencer may have an idea of what works best with their audience and where you will get the most engagement. You don’t want to be spending time and/or money on an influencer posting a review on their Instagram, when they know they can get more engagement and traffic from a product placement post.
Have Them Create Content for Your Account

This may seem backwards, but an influencers’ loyal fanbase will follow them anywhere! They could take over your account for a few days, or go ‘live’ on your story updates. Another way is to send your product over to them or them to use your service, and then they can create content that they send over to you for you to post out in your own time. Both ways are a great way to bring an audience to your account who wouldn’t have before; this is an effective way to grow your followers as well as still drive traffic to your website or app. If they are engaging with a video on your account, you can even re-target these people via Facebook Ads.
Join Forces for Competitions

Competitions build a strong trust between you and the influencer. These can be done as standalone competitions on your account, their account, or both, or they can be done on the back of a product review. If you liked the content that the influencer has created for a product review or product placement, a competition could be a way to continue that relationship with them and their followers.
Competitions bring a lot of engagement to your account; however, they may not drive much traffic to your website in the short-term. After the competition has ended, this is a terrific opportunity to target this audience again with a discount code, or contact the influencer again and go through an affiliate scheme.
How Other Brands Have Utilised Influencer Marketing
You may know what Instagram influencer marketing is and how to go about implementing it, but there is more to know than that. Instagram is full of creative ideas and interesting niches, and it can be difficult to know where to start.
We have taken 3 of the best Instagram influencer marketing campaigns from well-known companies to show just how different your strategy can be, and how great planning will be the key to your success no matter if you’re trying to raise awareness or sell a product offline.
Naked Juice

Naked Juice describes their best marking as “a person holding a Naked Juice with a big smile on their face” which is exactly what they achieved with their Instagram influencer marketing campaign.
The drinks company that is mostly known for its popular fruit and vegetable smoothies decided to stray away from the food and drink bloggers and instead concentrated on the everyday drinker. They did this by contacting popular beauty and fashion bloggers who seamlessly incorporated the healthy drinks into their daily posts.

One lifestyle blogger, Kate La Vie, composed an image of her ‘outfit details’ which tied in effortlessly with a bottle of Naked Juice.
Product placements are one of the most popular forms of advertising in influencer marketing as the influencers know their followers the best and know what they will react to. The influencers can slip your product seamlessly into their audience’s Instagram feed to create a soft sale, using a more subtle and non-aggressive sales message.


Microsoft is an example of a company using their large brand name to bring awareness to an important topic.
For International Women’s Day 2016, the multinational technology company teamed up with National Geographic to utilise their huge social media audience.

Their aim with this was to build awareness for an Instagram marketing campaign called ‘Make What’s Next’ which ties in perfectly with their brand values “to help people and businesses throughout the world realise their full potential”. The goal of the marketing campaign was to encourage and motivate young girls to strive to work in

The goal of the marketing campaign was to encourage and motivate young girls to strive to work in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths).The hashtag #MakeWhatNext was spread over 30 photos and 5 of National Geographic’s Instagram accounts. The photos used were promoting the stories of female scientists and adventurers who are prominent in their industry. These posts tied in well with National Geographic’s motto of “’further” and what they stand for as one of the largest non-profit scientific and educational institutions in the world.

Mercedes went in a different direction when it came to their Instagram influencer marketing campaign. They mixed the upcoming VR technology and people’s love of animals to create the hashtag #MCPhotoPass.
To promote the release of the 2017 Mercedes GLS, Mercedes joined forces with Loki the Wolf Dog and his owner Kelly Lund. They created video content for Mercedes’ YouTube Channel of the pair adventuring through the snowy terrain of Crested Butte Colorado using 3D video; this content was also shared over their Instagram using #MCPhotoPass.

They had one camera attached to the car which gave the viewers an incredible 360 experience of Loki running through the snow, and the second camera was to give the viewer a 3D look of the Mercedes GLS.
Mercedes’ main aim of this campaign was to bring unlikely people together with the brand to show how versatile the car is. They not only worked with Loki the Wolf Dog but also with world-class chef Chris Coombs to create a Thanksgiving themed video.

Mercedes-Benz showed innovation with their campaign which earned them a staggering 173 million impressions as they went ahead of the times. Using people’s love of animals and the growing VR technology are just two ways that Mercedes took an idea and ran with it.

We hope the above article has helped highlight how important Instagram influencer marketing is, and gives you some ideas of how your business can utilise these influencers.
As a social media agency, we work with influencers and brands on a day-to-day basis so, if you want to find out more about how influencer marketing can benefit you, please get in touch with one of our Instagram consultants today. Click Here.

Oct, 06, 2017