One of the most essential elements to get right with social media content development is getting the image sizes right. The images are the first thing that people will see, so if your image is wrongly sized and is displaying in a strange or unattractive way, your entire content/post will lose its credibility.


This useful infographic provides the exact image sizes to use to ensure that your images are displaying in the optimal size for all of the images used for each social media platform. As you can see, the optimal size for your LinkedIn profile image is 400 pixels x 400 pixels. So, you need to make sure that the image you use is square and displays in high-quality resolution at 400 x 400 px.


If you are using social media channels to generate sales and business leads, then it is really important that your image use reflects a high level of professionalism. If people visiting your profile see a distorted image then this will be enough to persuade them that your whole business is unprofessional.


Social media continues to be a key area of digital marketing and if you want to truly master it, then getting your image sizes correct is the first step. Once you have successfully resized your images to add to your profiles and posts, you can then concentrate on creating high-quality content to accompany them.


Did you know that the best size to use for sharing a video on Instagram is 1080 px wide? Video content is so powerful, so it is an area of your content marketing that you must dedicate time to in order to garner success. Make sure that you refer to this infographic to remind you of the image sizes you need to use across all of your social media platforms.

Social Media Image Sizes

Apr, 26, 2019