Recently there has been a lot of chatter online and in many offline circles that Google were due to

release their next Penguin update. It’s been just under 10 months since their last update was rolled

out and many people have been speculating that it was on its way. In a recent webmaster hangout

we got a hint as to what Google had in store.


In a recent webmaster central hangout with John Mueller he was asked a question regarding the

next Penguin update, more specifically when was the next release date going to be? John gave some

insight by explaining that Google have been working on a new release that would be rolled into their

organic ranking factors and indicated that were not far off, however it won’t be tomorrow morning

he joked.


With a politician like answer from John Mueller, the search community took it that we would be

seeing an update but not any time soon, however as always with Google they are one step ahead.

Since then many people have reported fresh unnatural links warning messages in their web master

tools accounts, more than likely due to the new penguin algorithm update.

This is not a guarantee of an update but many speculate that there is a high correlation between

these new warnings and the release of a new penguin release by Google. This will more than likely

get website owners and web master alike to start revaluating their link building methods and what

they need to do next?


We can imagine those sitting pretty at the top of the search engines will be furiously going through

each link to ensure it isn’t spammy or look spammy and checking all anchor text is brand heavy.

While people that were previously hit are more than likely hoping that Google’s new Penguin update

doesn’t pick up on anything they may have missed whilst completing a previous disavow!

Top 3 Penguin prevention checks


For people who need a little help evaluating what state their links maybe in, below are our top 3

penguin prevention checks to make on your link profile:


1) Anchor Text – When checking your link profile make sure that the majority of your links are

not “exact match” phrases. By this we mean if you would like to rank for “office furniture”,

the majority of your links do not use this phrase and the majority contain brand and url such

as, or my company.


2) Obvious Spammy links – When looking through your links take a close look at the sites that

are linking to you, does that link help the users in any way or has it simply been created for

the sake of a link here is a prime example –


3) Site wide link ratio – A vital check to carry out is to look at the referring domains to your site

and to determine how many back links are coming from each domain. This can be done by

simply checking in your web master tools account. Click on the Links to your site report tab

and this will reveal the number of links from each domain.


If the above 3 steps are a little out of your reach or it all sounds like a heck of a task, don’t

worry we can help.

We would be more than happy to offer you’re a free link profile heath check, from this we

will be able to see if you are at risk of a penalty and if a link detox would be required.

However if the worst has happened and you have received an unnatural links penalty

warning then we would be more than happy to help get this issue resolved. We have worked

with hundreds of clients in helping them remove link penalties from the last penguin update.

Click here to get your free link health check or inquire about what to do if you have received

a warning message. Click here

Aug, 22, 2014