Outreach is a process of reaching out to website owners and creating relationships, which you then use to build relationships to promote your products/services. Outreach has many benefits in this way. You get to promote your products and brand in front of new audiences; and you get links from authoritative websites that enhance your website’s authority, therefore making you an authority within the niche that you operate within.


These links over time will also strengthen your website’s organic rankings that will enable you to appear higher in search results for specific queries that a potential customer may enter in Google.


Outreach also helps you build your audience/community orientating around your website. The larger your audience/community grows, then the bigger the opportunity you have to sell your products to them.


Why do you need to know your audience?


Getting to know your audience is hugely important when creating content. You need to know your audience to ensure that the content you produce will provide them with value. If you don’t take the time to understand your website’s audience then the content you produce will be of a poor quality and won’t appeal to anyone.


If you are providing content to your audience that they find valuable, then you will find that your online community will naturally grow. The more high-quality content you produce, the more you will become an authority on the topic you are writing about. As you become an authority, your following on social media channels will grow and you will start to earn a lot more links back to your website when publishing content there.


How can you find information out about your audience?


There are a couple of ways to do this. In summary, see the below list for useful websites that will enable you to find out about your audience:


Google Analytics

Twitter analytics

Facebook insights



Google Analytics provide insightful demographics under the behaviour tab. You can find information about your audience such as their age, gender, language, where they live and the type of devices they use to view your actual content.


Twitter and Facebook insights also provide detailed demographics such as your audiences’ age, gender and the language on that specific platform. You can use this information to help you understand what kind of content you should be sharing specifically on these platforms.


AHREFS has a great tool that you can use to get content ideas. Their content explorer tool is brilliant. It allows you to enter keywords that orientate around your industry and the tool will generate a list of content that has previously been shared or linked to a lot in your niche.


You can use this tool to see what has worked well previously both in regards to earning shares and links. You can re-write the content that has worked well previously and put your own spin on it, or you can use the ideas provided to create a new topic entirely. From the information that AHREFS provides you will be able to see what kind of content your audience is interested in.



Why do you need good quality content?


If you have good quality content, then that is providing value to your website’s audience. As a consequence, then naturally that content will be shared more on social media channels. You will open opportunities to blog on more authoritative websites that will already have established audiences and this will allow you to tap into their audience and hopefully gain some more followers on your social media channels.


You will see that you will begin to become an authority, which means more people will be interested in what you have to say as a blogger or as a company. Your audience will begin to grow and your website will begin to establish its community; this is great as once you have grown a community around your website then it’s more likely that these people will trust your product/brand and buy more off you. They may even become brand advocates.


Good quality content makes it easier for you to reach out to authoritative websites in the hope of earning a guest post slot, or even become a monthly contributor. Once you have established a relationship with an authoritative website via outreach, then naturally you will earn more authoritative links back to your website that will benefit your website’s organic rankings.


Link building has become much more scrutinised in the modern day due to Google having previously cracked down on spammy link building techniques. If you are producing high-quality content, then you will earn high-quality natural links that will not negatively affect your organic performance.


Also, if your content is of a high quality, then you will notice the benefits of this when you are approaching large websites and pitching them your content ideas. Your acceptance rate will increase dramatically as the people you are pitching will already know what kind of content appeals to their audience. If your content is of a good quality and the topic is of interest to their site’s audience then they are much more likely to accept the guest post contribution.


When we are producing content which is going to be used for outreach we first research that client’s audience, and we do this by using the tools discussed earlier in the article. This allows us to see the demographics for that client’s audience; from this we can gauge what type of content that audience wants to see, and what kind of content they do not want to see.



What happens if you don’t use good quality content?


If you are not producing good quality content for outreach, then you are going to run into a lot of problems. Your content will not generate a lot of social shares as it doesn’t appeal to anybody; nobody is interested in reading about something they do not care about.  There will be no engagement with the article, and nobody will want to link to your article either.


You’ll find quite quickly that if you are trying to use low-quality content for outreach then you will see that your acceptance rate will decrease drastically, as the website you are pitching your content to know that your ideas will not appeal to their audience at all. This will result in some websites asking you for money to publish your article, or you will have no success when trying to pitch the article.


In conclusion, if you are producing content that is of a high quality and you are seeding via outreach you are likely to receive the below benefits:


  • Links from authoritative websites
  • More social media shares
  • You will build you own community/audience orientating around your website
  • Increase in organic search performance
  • Increased following on your social media channels
  • The opportunity to become an authority in your niche





Jul, 15, 2015